about us

We were founded in 2004 with a focus on building top quality technology fundamentals, with an emphasis on premium, high performance storage. We have a track record of products that “just work,” and customers all over the world who will attest to this.


We are built on “old fashioned” values. We appreciate and listen to our customers, build and believe in relationships of trust, and think service, humility, and integrity matter to the short- and long-term bottom line. These are our commitments and our customers will attest that we live by these values.

We believe in applying human intelligence to address complex problems, in which equipment, design, architecture, engineering, value, and people all have important roles to play.

We are committed to producing the highest performing products in the world, with emphasis on serviceability, ease of use, and durability.


We emphasize teamwork beyond virtuoso achievement, even though our team members have strong backgrounds from premier tech companies, including Intel, Sun, Cisco, Seagate, Quantum, NASA, and many others.

We emphasize teamwork inside and out. Internally, our approach is based on collaboration and focus. Externally, we strive to learn each customer’s challenges and to provide solutions otherwise unavailable in the industry.


We use a “systems” approach to technology, recognizing that intellect and experience should never be privileged above actual output. We tell the truth about our products. They work as advertised, and do not require disclaimers and fine-print qualifications about usability, durability, consistency, and performance.


We are located in downtown Chicago. We design and sell appliances that provide best-of-breed value to our customers and partners.